Sunday, October 28, 2012

Sunday's are made for snuggling. However, I opened this morning and it was one of those days where you can't quite get out of bed and then as soon as you're heading out the door you keep forgetting your keys, or gloves or whatever. So I finally head out with 5 layers on because it's 6:30am and raining, of course and I get to work first, open the door then realize I don't have a security code to disable the alarm yet. So, the security company calls the restaurant, confirms I am an employee and I resume opening. Then, the cooks arrive and inform me that I was an hour early to work...That pretty much sums up how today went. Being an hour early to work is bad enough, but getting to work at 6:30 am when you could have gotten there at 7:30 is just a bummer. Working the morning shift does have it's benefits though. I get off work by 3pm with plenty of day"light" left. Considering today's events though, I decided to make my way home and snuggle up. Today's outfit is all kinds of cozy and warm: pink infinity scarf was a gift from Aaron for Christmas last year from his trip to England, knit sweater was thrifted from a Kansas City Salvation Army, black lace dress was thrifted from Jefferson City Goodwill, Thigh High stockings American Apparel (super sale, also gift from Aaron). Now, it's time for thai food leftovers and Freaks and Geeks.                                                  

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