Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween! I really love dressing up but since I am ultra broke right now and don't know many people in this city yet, I wasn't sure what this year's festivities would include. I actually got to enjoy quite a few fall activities so far. Renee and I went to a pumpkin patch by bus. which was it's own adventure. The food cart pod across from our house had a cider sampling last week that we went to prior to carving our pumpkins while watching Hocus Pocus. We went to a haunted corn maze and it actually wasn't raining that night so it wasn't totally miserable. And now today, Halloween we are going to OMSI After Dark for whatever that entails, because we're not quite sure!                                                                                                                                                                               So, since I actually have plans for tonight I decided to go for the cheapest costume possible which  always includes scrounging through my closet and trying to make something out of nothing. Renee decided on a fox which is her spirit animal so I went with mine which is a bunny. A bunny...NOT a rabbit, and not a sexy bunny. Once I decided upon a costume it was pretty easy to make it happen. I've got a great grey Free People hoodie that I got at Blackberry Exchange years ago that has a white ruffley bib on the front and i paired that with grey and white sweater tights from JC Penney. Felt and a skewer for support made my ears and cotton balls made my tail. Total spent: $1.03.

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