Monday, November 5, 2012

Moving to the northwest, I knew I was going to have to deal with a lot of rain. It has been unseasonably dry though, which I am very thankful for. Those first few rainy days were pretty rough, I really had to push myself to go outside. I love staying in and watching movies but I didn't move across the country to do that. So, on these sunny days I really try to enjoy it to the fullest. Today I went to Laurelhurst Park. It is lovely with a nice big dog park, a lake and plenty of walking paths. I do feel awkward since almost always I am taking these pictures by myself. and Laurelhurst is a particularly busy park, but I don't have a lot of other options so I just suck it up and think about how I will never see these people again...let them stare. Today's outfit was a fall printed red/orange dress with leaves and flowers from Urban Outfitters, the dress is a bit large on me these days, especially on top so I kept it tight with a black sweater over it that I got from Goodwill, the black leather boots and brown leather belt were also thrifted from Goodwill here in Portland, my  cute polka dot socks are from Target, and my scarf is actually Renee's...and she crocheted it herself.  P.s. I stopped at Target today and picked up some Autumn Pear mulling spice for some lovely fall cocktails, and it was 70% off! I'll definitely be trying and blogging that soon.

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